Adding a Customer

For any Customer to be operational under your Reseller Account, you would have to first get the Customer to sign-up under you. You can either have Customers sign-up themselves from your SuperSite or you can even explicitly add Customers under your Reseller Account.

A Customer can be signed up through one of the below options:

  • Your Customer visits your SuperSite, clicks the Sign Up link and fills the form.

  • You can also sign-up on behalf of your Customer from your within Reseller Control Panel through the Customers -> Add menu.


    You will encounter the below error message while adding a Customer from within your Reseller Control Panel, if the Username (Email Address) specified is already being used for another Customer under you -

    <username (email address)> is already a customer.

    You will have to use another Username (Email Address) under such a circumstance.

    • The Sign-up form supports accented characters, except for the Phone Number, Mobile Number, Fax Number, Username (Email Address) and Password fields.

    • Care must be taken to mention the correct Legal Name (Company/Name) and choose the correct Country at the time of sign-up. Once signed up, your Customer will not be able to modify the Legal Name (Company/Name) and/or Country from within his/her Customer Control Panel.

      You may, however, modify the Legal Name (Company/Name) and/or Country of your Customer on his/her behalf from within your Reseller Control Panel. It is advised that you make such modification(s) after due diligence:

      1. Login to your Control Panel. See details

      2. Search for the Customer and proceed to the Customer Details view. See details

      3. Click the Modify button in the management console.

      4. Mention the appropriate Legal Name (Company/Name) and/or choose the appropriate Country and click the Modify button.